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This list is only valid for v1.0 or 1.1, new values will be put up shortly for v1.5

The following is a list of checksums that can be used to verify if a file has been patched correctly or if your original file has changed. If these don't match the results you are getting please let me know so I can look into what might be wrong with them.

These checksums were calculated using FCIV (File Checksum Integrity Verifier) which you can get from Microsoft here KB841290 (direct link)

Original File Checksums
File MD5 SHA1
msenv.dll e2bb283eaacf3866695d8bce3c70d2b5 3737cfe82b0e1215e21c6c648212dcee39f7fb83
htmled.dll 557e0f4a2d826db4557e85c908fe989c 6eb83f624c9204e2a805f379027ed26169c6cb7b
mswebprj.dll 5a677ad7e3cbb0f856193a7d115b039a 9418a49fbc2eac8bc08d46878cb0019d1d6b8ef5
webdirprj.dll fca6d484af817cfd245aa3b2ed87a7e8 b847787e575c926fac99bccb3c2ebd13d2072f06
msvbprj.dll 26d53f893536f5b10377a56801987565 b188b810acc16cb8724e8ade339883bb76c42325
csproj.dll 2717fa05b9edda0de2aa5738beed0d09 809680519c44e634df506043808f40cb6bdb1f9a

Patched Version 1.0 Checksums
File MD5 SHA1
msenv.dll 53573efa76ae1814d227c4552d92f101 7633477e3725e579e938dda9c246c85116e89473
htmled.dll c24160136a8e27d90f979b655fd47ecf 205f09c47e6a2204309848425e89604eb2f049ea
mswebprj.dll b041f9353b04af521b091502bb168b59 8cbb127c7d338577c010e475dcd19f01b728ced2
webdirprj.dll e767ad2725dca4446cac36e9b2452338 802383a9ec65e2e3933e2a878f287ae4c494c910
msvbprj.dll 23b12f2f7681ef5b1a96f9a29fdb5b85 7bbb889e77adc6d7f739fc05a0aa199f29d6d38d
csproj.dll d29518cf86a2c6f89dc9258cd5fe47fe 177705329291e212b631d0cc79f2ee9c108c0a73

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