Service Pack or Hot Fix? What happens then?

Oct 19, 2012 at 11:56 PM
A truly excellent piece of work - well done! But just one question if I may? What happens if there is a service pack or hot fix for one of the patched DLLs? 1. Would the update install okay, overwriting your "fixed" DLLs - in which case I would lose some of the patched icons, but would most like be alerted to this (by the fact they have revered to dull grey), and could therefore re-patch. 2. Would the update ignore the patched DLLs - in which case I might miss important fixes. Not so great - but to be honest I'd probably live with it given what a relief it is to have a recognisable and distinct icon set back! 3. Something else? Or perhaps you can't say? I suppose it alll depends on how the MS update process works - which I accept you may not have knowledge of. One might hope it is based on file version, and not checksum and/or datestamp (although hopefully you preserve file daestamps while patching)? And once again thanks for a truly excellent piece of work. If I hadn't have found your project I would have simply had to write this myself - and I can only guess how many hours of work were required!
Oct 22, 2012 at 2:17 AM

I'm not really sure what will happen when an update comes out that replaces one of these files. I know a number of people from Microsoft have seen this project and even commented on it, but there's been no warning that this will negatively effect anything such as updates.

For my installs I've run the backup command on each of them first so I can revert my files if needed. If there's an update that may change any of the files I'll run the restore command first, then apply the update, then backup the files again (this time forcing the update so any existing backups are over written) and then I'll re-patch the install. If for some reason that can't happen there's always rerunning the VS2012 installer and selecting the repair option, that will reset everything for you (did it a bunch of times when I first started working on this).

Dec 12, 2012 at 9:18 AM

The VS2012 SP1 changed the icons back

but i was able to use VSIP to change the icons to VS2010 again... so ... no trouble :)